This website is a brief musical snapshot of singer/songwriter Michael Aielli.

In the early 1970's, Michael was a founding member of the Austin Texas band ZEUS (often referred to locally as The Aielli Brothers - Michael Aielli, Richard Aielli, & Louis Aielli) which evolved into MEDIA, then into MORRIS CODE, and finally into MICHAEL LOUIS in the mid 1980's.  When Louis Aielli moved to California in 1986, MICHAEL LOUIS disbanded and Michael began recording and producing all his own music as I.L.E. Jones here in Austin.

On the ZEUS, MORRIS CODE, & MICHAEL LOUIS albums, the band members that played on the recordings were a combination (or variation) of the following musicians:  Mark Miller (guitar & vocals), Greg Stegall (guitar), Tony Villegas (drums & vocals), Louis Vincent Aielli (keyboards, vocals), & Michael Aielli (guitar, bass guitar, vocals.)  More information can be found on the album Liner Notes.

On the I.L.E. Jones tracks, Michael Aielli played, recorded and produced all of his own material, except where otherwise noted.

Every track on this website can be listened to from start-to-finish.  So find a title you like, turn up the volume, and enjoy!

I.L.E. Jones
Austin, TX


Another Day In Paradise

Another Day In Paradise - I.L.E. JONES

by I.L.E. Jones

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Most of these songs were recorded with my Martin guitar and a cold cup of coffee (with an occasional splash of burbon, for inspiration.) I write in the mornings, try to avoid spinich and Jane Fonda videos, and take things one day at a time, when I can take it. Never sure where I'm going, or being led...just trying to smell the roses, cold-turkey the Koolaide, and make it through another day in paradise!


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